the vampire murder case (part sixteen)

This story started here.

The next few moments were hectic. Christy ran around the building to the front door. She knocked as I followed her quickly. Somebody opened the door and we rushed in, Christy shouting orders.

We got to the empty infirmary, and Neil and Rex appeared from across the hall, then Christy rushed in with Nikolai, the tattooed medic. We got Åsa on the table and he started to examine her. He was wearing only a pair of sweatpants, and the art on his torso was quite striking. I noticed the coat on the floor by the window, where she had dropped it. I picked it up and held it out to examine it. It was a cloak, black, of fairly thin material.

Dr. Lee came in. "How is she?" she demanded.

"Alive," Nikolai said. "Somebody get Betty."

Dr. Lee tapped Rex on the shoulder and he ran out. She looked at us. "Please come to my office," she said.

Neil, Christy and I followed her as she left.

I smelled the pipe smoke before we turned the final corner.

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