the vampire murder case (part seventeen)

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My employer smiled as we entered Dr. Lee's office, and I winked at her, since I hadn't believed for a moment that she was going to stay home. She was quite capable of going off and leaving me with any sort of unpleasant task, but this case was bothering her. If she had gone home, she would have paced and smoked and fretted. Besides, as I mentioned in my account of the hospital case, relations with the Jinx were quite important, and I was sure she'd been working with (and on) Dr. Lee.

We all sat down, and Dr. Lee said, "Please tell us everything."

We did. I told most of it; reporting quickly and completely was one of my job skills.

"The house," Dr. Lee said, "do you know who lives there?"

"A poet, named Isaac Ashford," my employer said. "She went there last night as well."

Dr. Lee frowned. "How do you know that?"

"There are lilac bushes on the grounds, around the house. The only ones I've ever seen in U-town. They're not native to this area." She reached into her pocket. "I found a lilac petal on Åsa's boot when I examined it this afternoon. It was stuck there by the rain the night before."

"Well, we need to visit this poet." Dr. Lee said.

Jan nodded. "I'm thinking that it might be better in the morning, better than now."

Neil chuckled. "Do you want to see if he appears in daylight?"

She smiled. "That's not the biggest question, but I would like to know the answer."

"Are you thinking that there might actually be a vampire in this?" Dr. Lee demanded. "I was assuming that wouldn't be your solution."

"Well, I don't come to conclusions before I have all the facts. And there are a lot of things I don't know yet."

Dr. Lee looked unhappy, but she apparently didn't have an argument for this.

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