the vampire murder case (part fifteen)

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We sprinted back to the corner and concealed ourselves, but again it didn't seem to matter. Åsa stumbled out of the gate and headed back the way she'd come, so we followed her. It was starting to rain more steadily now.

Her progress was very different, though, and there were times when I was fairly sure she wasn't going to make it. She walked like she was drunk or drugged, shambling along, nearly losing her balance more than once. She wasn't managing to keep the coat closed all the time, and at times we could see a bare arm or leg. People who were in front of her were clearly seeing somewhat more, and a couple of times she had to rally her remaining strength to unleash some impressive and colorful curses.

When we approached Jinx headquarters, Åsa headed for the infirmary window, but when she opened it (obviously with more difficulty than before) she only took off her cloak and threw it in. Then, looking increasingly unsteady, she climbed up to stand on the windowsill, looking up at Lloyd's lighted window, two stories above.

It was at that moment that I found myself sprinting across the street, which certainly broke every rule in the "How to Tail Somebody" handbook, but it meant I was in position to catch her when she toppled off the sill and fell toward the sidewalk. She was unconscious by then, and for the first time I saw the blood which was running down her neck.

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