the sister mystery (part nineteen)

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As we'd walked to the auditorium, my employer had cleared up one question which had been puzzling me. We knew where Ron had been during the murder (to my satisfaction, anyway), but where had her roommates been?

Apparently Dora, the one Ron had complained about the night before, had spent the night with her boyfriend. The other two girls had gone over the bridge to the city for the evening, and had only returned in the wee hours, when they had found the body. So, they alibied each other, and Dora's boyfriend alibied her.

These were not strong alibis, of course, but on the other hand there was no evidence, at least so far, that any of them had known Tracy. My employer had also conveyed, in terms which were designed to be meaningless to Ron, that she was fairly sure that Krissy and Karen, the other two girls, were a couple, which amused me. Ron was determined to keep her room sex-free, but she did have a blind spot about unconventional roles and relationships.

It was too early to tell whether the runners were going to produce results or not, but I could tell my employer was uneasy. She sat on a folding chair backstage, tapping her forefinger on the crook of her cane. For her, this was quite a tizzy.

She looked up. "We need to go see Stu. This afternoon. How late will he be in his office?"

"I can call, when I call the car, and ask him to stay late if necessary."

She nodded and got to her feet. "Let's go."

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