the family murder case (part twenty-five)

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"This Freddy you mentioned, was he the one who was killed?"

She nodded. "Yes."

"Tell me about the other two boys."

"Their names are Nate and Ricky."

"Are they still there?"

She nodded. "The police said they can't leave the area. It may get sticky for them if it goes past the weekend, because they're supposed to be back at school next Monday."

"The police won't care about that. How have they reacted..."

She stopped because Erika's attention was suddenly focused on something outside the window. We looked also, and it was clear that she was reacting to a car across the road, waiting to pull into the parking lot.

"That's Mrs. Forrester's car," she explained, frowning. "I wonder what's happened..."

Her voice trailed off as the big black car abruptly lurched forward, cut across two lanes of traffic and made its way into the parking lot, trailing a chorus of honking horns and driving over a small curb before finally pulling up next to the car we'd arrived in.

"Of course," Erika said happily, "Mrs. Forrester is a much better driver."

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