the family murder case (part twenty-four)

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"What about Mr. Forrester?" my employer asked. "You haven't mentioned him at all."

"He hasn't been there much."

"He doesn't live there?"

"Officially? Yes. But he obviously spends most of his nights somewhere else. Based on what Claudia has told me, he's shacked up with his secretary or somebody like that."

"Have you seen him at all?"

"Oh, yes. He's there for dinner every few days. But that's about it."

"Has he been there since the murder?"

"Almost every day. For solidarity, I guess, though Mrs. Forrester has handled the police."

"What about Bobby's mother?"

She shook her head. "I haven't seen her. I think she lives nearby, but she never visits."

My employer nodded and lit a cigarette. "Interesting," she said.

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