carly part seven: micki

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Susan thought it was rather endearing that Micki obviously thought this was an almost unforgivably evil thing for her to have done to poor Danny. All she said, though, was, "I don't get why Hobbs killed him."

So Micki told Susan an abbreviated version of what had happened that night. She told her about walking aimlessly after dinner until she stumbled on Danny's body, about bumping into the tall man and about hiding out with him after curfew, about her telling the story of Danny's side of the evening, and about exactly when he'd interrupted her. She left out the story of the streets, and the rest. She concluded with, "I was blocks and blocks from the restaurant when I found his body. Why was he right there? He must have been following me. And Hobbs must have been following me, too, that's the only way it figures. Danny . . ." She fought back sudden, unexpected tears. "He probably thought he was protecting me or something. Shit." She picked up a napkin and wiped her eyes.

Susan waited a moment, finishing her coffee, then she asked quietly, "So, what are you going to do now?"

Micki hesitated, then shook her head. "I don't trust you that much. And anyway, I'm really not sure. I suddenly feel like I don't have a home anymore."

"Don't jump to any conclusions. Listen, for the first eighteen years of your life, you thought your father was always right. Now you probably think he's always wrong."

Micki made a face. "I didn't say that."

"But you think it. I'll tell you what I think, which is that he's more complex than that. Now, you're all pissed off at him, but even so you quoted one of his sayings a few minutes ago. I'll bet you have a lot more of them floating around up there under that terrible haircut. We all do. So, maybe you'd better find out if you want to keep them or throw them out."

Micki smiled. "Maybe. Remember, I don't trust you that much."

"Fair enough." She smiled. "Fair enough. Come on, let's get you some clothes."

Susan locked the door behind Micki Sheldon. She looked at the closed door for a moment, then she smiled and went into her bedroom to get dressed.

The End

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