carly part seven: micki

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"So, how long have you been here?"

"About a month."

"And nobody noticed you were gone? At school?"

"A lot of students cut classes, it's not like high school. Nobody really cares. And I have a couple of people covering for me. I've mailed a couple of letters out there for them to mail back to my father. Finals are starting, though, so I guess my college career is about to end for real." She smiled at Susan's expression. "It's okay, I know about my father's spy. Let's just say I won him over." She peered into her coffee mug, trying to see if there was another drop to be found in there.

"You've been here a month? Where have you been staying?"

Micki slumped in her chair and hugged her knees against her chest. "This is the lousy part. If you're thinking that maybe Ben Stein was right about me . . . Anyway, I needed a place to stay. My first night here I picked up this guy in a bar and went home with him. I stayed with him for about three weeks, but then I had to get out. He . . . I knew I was in trouble the first morning when he started looking at me and murmuring my name over and over. And of course it wasn't even my name." She looked up. "His name was Danny. He was the one Hobbs killed. Hobbs was following me for Ben Stein, thinking I was Carly, and he saw us together. Danny and I had dinner the night before last." She shrugged. "I was hungry and broke. He was desperate to get me to come back, so I let him buy a dinner."

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