carly part one

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Carly was only half a block from the alley when she heard the helicopter. She looked up and suddenly a strong arm grabbed her around her stomach from behind and swung her into an alley.

"Get out of the street, you fool!" the man hissed. "They're using–"

That was a far as he got before the heel of her army boot connected with his knee. He cursed and she squirmed out of his arms. But his hand managed to keep hold of a piece of her pea jacket and swung her around in a circle as she tried to get away.

She gave one final yank on her jacket, broke free and ran through the open doorway of a tenement building. The man ran after her and grabbed her coat again. She fell to the floor in the dusty hallway and the man fell on top of her.

"Get off me!" she yelled, squirming around helplessly. Between the tangle of coats and the size of the man, who seemed to cover her like a mattress, she was pinned.

The man started to say something, but then a soft voice from another part of the dark hallway said, "Do you think you two could try to make a little more noise? Uncle Mike might not have heard you yet, clear over there in City Hall." There was a rustling and then a shuffling sound. "You'd better come with me," the voice said. "If they find you, they'll find me. Come on."

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