the hospital murder case (part ten)

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Downstairs, Neil and most of the Jinx left. I wondered that Rafe had no backup, but then I realized that Neil had arranged for Dorothy to fulfill that role, resting within easy shouting distance if something should happen.

"All squared away?" Mona asked as we approached her. I walked around to join her behind the counter, indicating that I was still willing to work for a while. The waiting room seemed pretty crowded, and I noticed quite a few people filling out forms.

Lucy reappeared a few moments later, and she and I started collecting the forms and processing the people. When that rush was done, it seemed like we were in a lull, so Mona delegated someone to fill in and we stepped back into the pantry to have some lunch.

After a few moments, Mona said, "So, Lucy, are you going to tell us why you've been so jumpy?"

She grimaced and rolled her eyes. "Well," she said slowly, "I know that guy. Felix. We saw each other a couple of times. It was no big deal, but I saw that Dorothy woman looking at me funny, more than once, and I wonder if he told her. About me."

Mona laughed. "Probably not. People sometimes get stupid if they think they're about to die, but he hasn't thought he was about to die."

"And mostly he hasn't even been conscious," I added. "I wouldn't worry."

Then, once again we heard the Jinx howl, and we went back out to the waiting room as the street doors opened and Neil came back in, alone and walking quickly.

"I need to check on Felix," he said, which seemed rather abrupt, given that Felix hadn't been in any danger. Before we could respond, the doors opened again and my employer limped in. She looked around, spotted me, and moved quickly in my direction.

Mona shook her head. "Marshall," she said, "please go with Neil. Lucy, I need you to file these forms."

She hadn't mentioned Jan Sleet, but Neil was already moving toward the elevators, and my employer indicated that we should follow him.

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