the hospital murder case (part nine)

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Portugal and the aide came out of the room, and the aide wheeled the empty gurney toward the elevator.

"He is snoring rather outrageously," Portugal reported, consulting her clipboard, as if this information was recorded there.

Neil smiled. "That's normal for him. I'd be worried if he wasn't snoring."

"Other than that," Portugal continued, "I predict a complete recovery."

Neil smiled. "Since you've stated this. I'm sure Felix wouldn't dare do anything else."

She curtseyed again, as Neil turned to Rafe.

"Are you set here? Anything else you need?"

Rafe inclined his head and they stepped a bit down the hall to confer for a moment.

Lucy came out of Felix's room and asked, "Anything else?" She turned to Rafe as he and Neil rejoined us. "Would you like some coffee?"

He nodded. "Very much, thank you."

"How do you take it?"

He smiled. "Black, two sugars."

Lucy turned to go, but Neil said, "Dorothy, how about you?"

"I'd love some," she said as Lucy turned back. "With milk, please."

Lucy nodded and went down the corridor.

Neil looked around. "This all seems to be squared away. I'm going to leave now, and and I'll be taking most of my people with me. Much to the relief of the other people in the waiting room, I'm sure."

I made a noncommittal noise, and followed him to the elevator. I was satisfied if he was, and my shift was nearly over.

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