the hospital murder case (part seventeen)

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"And how long were you in the room?"

"Not long. Maybe a minute or two. There were a few things on the table – an ashtray, a lamp, a couple of other things – that I had to move before I could take the table."

"Thank you. Please proceed. You put the table where it is now?"

"And I moved the two coffee cups onto the table."

"Did you drink any of your coffee?"

"I took a sip. It was still pretty hot."

"How did it taste?"

"Lousy. Institutional coffee."

She smiled. "And then what did you do?"

"I went and opened the door of Dorothy's room."

"You didn't knock?"

"If she was asleep, I wasn't going to wake her. But she was awake, lying on top of the covers. I told her that the coffee was there. I offered to bring it to her, but she said she'd come and get it."

"Did you go into the room?"

"No, I kept Felix's door in sight the whole time."

"So, you both went back into the hall?"

"Yes, and we had some coffee. I told her I was sure Felix would be okay. And then, since she was there, I asked if she could watch things while I . . ." He seemed to be searching for a word.

"Relieved yourself?"

"Yes. Thank you."

"And where did you go to do this?"

"In the room across the hall. I saw there was a little bathroom in there."

"So, during that time, you did not have the door under direct observation?"

"Right. Dorothy had that responsibility."

"And then?"

"I came back. Dorothy said she would go lie down again. I saw down, drank my coffee. That's about all I remember."

"How much of your coffee had you drunk before you went to relieve yourself?"

"About half, I guess."

"And did it taste the same after as before?"

He shrugged. "I don't know. It was cooler by then, so I drank it pretty fast."

She nodded.

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