the hospital murder case (part sixteen)

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"I came to guard Felix," Rafe began. "I arrived and we came up here, to this floor."

"Who is 'we'?"

Neil, Dorothy, this gentleman, and an aide, a girl. I never did learn her name."

"In order to save time, I'll tell you that I already have a report of that period of time. Was there anything that you observed which Marshall would not have seen?"

He shook his head slowly. "I don't think so."

"Then, please tell me what happened after Marshall and Neil left."

"The girl brought me a cup of coffee. Two cups, one for Dorothy. I took both of them. Dorothy was in the other room already, and if she was asleep, I was going to let her be."

"To clarify, the two cups were different, weren't they?"

"Yes. I drink it black. Dorothy takes milk."

"Thanks. Please continue."

"The problem was that I didn't have anywhere to put the coffee. Except the floor, and that was kind of dirty. So, I balanced the two cups on the chair, on the seat, and then I looked into the first room across the hall, the one opposite this one. There was a little table there, so I propped open the door and went in to get it."

He looked very serious. "The room is right opposite this one, and I'd left the door open, so I could see this door the whole time."

"Was it open or closed?"

"This door? It was closed. Nobody opened it, or walked past."

"Then what?"

"I brought out the table and put it next to my chair."

"To be clear, when you were in the room across the hall, getting the table, could you see the chair and the two coffee cups?"

"No. Just the door to this room."

"And the chair was where it is now? Nearer to the main corridor?"


"So, somebody could have stepped into this corridor and drugged the coffee."

"Yes, if they were quiet."

Hospital Corridor

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