the school murder case (part eight)

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She turned to the next student, who was a pretty girl with long, straight, blonde hair.

"I'm Carol," she said, "and here's my question. Who's the cute guy?"

That got a laugh, and their reaction told me that this was not an unexpected question from Carol. My employer glanced at me, as if to make sure I wasn't going to let this go to my head.

"Marshall is my assistant," she said. "He travels everywhere with me, and I couldn't get very much done without him. He produces the things I need, when I need them, no matter how impossible they seem, and he's saved my life more than once." She smiled. "If you really want to be successful in life, get a good assistant. That's going to be the single most important thing you can do."

She pulled her glasses down her nose and peered over them at the students. "And he's also my husband," she continued, "so don't get any ideas, girls."

That got a laugh, and she turned her attention to the next student.

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