the school murder case (part seven)

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"So, why don't we start this way. Let's go around the room, and each of you can tell me your name, and ask me one question, whatever you want. You'll have plenty of time for more questions later; this is just so I can get an idea of what's on your minds." She gestured at the boy seated closest to the window. "Why don't you start, if you don't mind, and then we can go around the room."

He nodded. If he was uncomfortable, he didn't show it. He was a bit taller than Willy, also with fair hair, though his hair was shorter.

"My name is Roger," he said, "and I'm glad you've come to visit us, but I am confused. Ms. Tumolo said yesterday that you were a reporter, and she gave us a couple of your articles to read. But, when I mentioned you to my parents last night, my father said you were running the government, and my mother said you were a detective, that you caught criminals." He smiled. "So, I guess I'm wondering how many careers you have, and how many we're going to be expected to have."

That got a bit of a laugh, and my employer said, "That's a good question, Roger. I'm a reporter. If you read my articles, then you know what I do. Solving mysteries is my hobby, and, like many people, there are times when I'd rather be doing my hobby than my job." He nodded. "After all," she continued, "Ellery Queen was a novelist, Dr. Fell was a lexicographer, Sir Henry Merrivale was . . ." She noticed their expressions. "Fictional characters. Before your time, I realize. I'm sure you get the idea.

"As for the government, I'm certainly not running it; Doc is. I'm in a position to help, so I do, as I hope any of you would also. Does that answer your question?"

He nodded. "Yes, thank you."

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