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Pete went to the stove and started divided the eggs and potatoes between the two plates and Daphne's bowl as he asked, "What can we do for you, Foster?"

"You got anything planned for this afternoon?" he asked

"I'm not looking to be in a band, Foster," Pete explained as he brought the two plates to the table and located forks and spoons which seemed relatively clean. What he didn't add, though he had in the past, was, "I am especially not interested in being in any band that you're managing." But he thought that Foster had probably taken enough abuse for one visit.

"Somerset and the boys are jamming this afternoon, working on some new tunes. Rufo split town, so we're down a bass player. We were all just talking about how much fun it was when you did that gig with us, and we were hoping–"

"Just to jam?" Pete said. "Sure, sounds like fun."

Foster smiled. "That's what we thought. Rufo left his amp, so you can use that."

"He just left it?" Pete asked. "That's a good amp."

Foster shrugged. "He says he's going to come back and get it when he's settled, but we can use it until then." He turned to starling, who was dressed and pouring coffee.

"Hey... Katherine," he said. "You're welcome to come and hang out. We'll probably get some beers, and maybe some dinner after."

She nodded slowly. "That sounds good," she said after a moment She looked at the pot in her hand. "Would you like some coffee?"

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