the other vampire murder case (part one)

When we got back to the hotel, I insisted we should get some food before finding out what else was going on. So, we went to the cafeteria, and as we were eating, Mona came up and said hello.

"I was surprised we didn't see you guys at the hospital this morning," she said as Jan motioned for her to sit with us.

I quickly reviewed my mental calendar. It didn't seem possible that it was Monday, my usual day to work at the hospital, but life in u-town made it easy to lose track of details like that.

"I'm thinking that today is Thursday," I said slowly, "or maybe Wednesday. Not Monday."

Jan laughed. "She clearly isn't talking about that. She referred to both of us, and I never do hospital work on Mondays. Which is why you do, of course." She laughed and turned to Mona. "Do tell."

"A murder, in a fourth floor apartment, and both the murderer and the weapon vanished. Or flew out the window."

"At about what time of day did the crime occur?"

"Apparently around midnight."

My employer pulled out her pocket watch and flipped it open. She snapped it closed and turned to me. "You should get going to your assignation with Christy. I'll look forward to your report late tonight, or tomorrow morning."

She turned back to Mona. Having been dismissed, I turned to go, but then she asked, "Are you going to bring your old service revolver?"

"I wasn't planning on it. Besides, I don't have any silver bullets."

"That's for werewolves," Mona pointed out.

Jan laughed. "I wasn't thinking about that. You and Christy may have to wait a while, and I wanted to be sure you'd be able to defend yourself, in case she has designs on your virtue."

I laughed and walked away. I could hear Mona demanding to know what that had been about, and my employer saying that mysteries had to come before gossip.

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