the other vampire murder case (part nineteen)

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When we got back to the hotel, Doc said she was going to bed, and Jan raised an eyebrow when I held back.

"Got a hot date?" she asked.

I laughed. "In a way," I admitted.

She looked thoughtful, then she smiled. "You think she's coming back."

"I'm fairly certain she will."

"And you think she's going to want to see you." She laughed. "I'm not teasing you. I think you're right. She will want to see you."

"I'm fairly sure of that, but I'm even more certain that she will want a beer, and a moment to think, before she sees Pat."

She smiled. "Wake me up if I'm asleep."

I nodded and kissed her. Then I went into the bar and got a beer. I had a pretty good idea that Vicki would show up sooner or later, but I didn't know how long I'd have to wait.

By the time I had my beer and was headed to a table, though, she was coming in the door. I was surprised that she had got there so quickly, but of course, with her speed, she could have run home from Claudia's house in a few minutes, a distance which had taken us over half an hour to cover at a leisurely walk.

She caught my eye, wondering if I was there waiting for her, or for somebody else. I tilted my head, inviting her over, and she tilted her head the other way, toward the bar. I laughed and nodded.

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