the golden mystery (part fifteen)

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"There was no reason for the Golden to take the answers and hide them in the office," I said. "The only possible result of that was that they themselves would be under suspicion. So, somebody else came down this hall and took the answers and hid them and then went back. Nobody, not even Miss Tumolo, could have got to that room without passing this one."

I turned to the Golden. "You were all in the room. The door was open, and you were facing it, sitting right in the front, so you would have seen anybody who went down the corridor. Therefore, you are shielding someone.

"So, who are you protecting? A friend? I don't mean this unkindly, but I get the idea that you don't have any close friends, other than each other." They were impassive, listening. "But what about an enemy?"

"Why would they shield an enemy?" Ms. Tumolo demanded.

"They would, if it was Corey. They couldn't accuse him without it looking like it was tit-for-tat for his spreading stories about them. And he has two reasons for wanting to get them into trouble. They were a factor in a girl breaking up with him, and they broke his arm." Ms. Tumolo's eyes widened at this, but she didn't speak.

Corey was thinking about whether he could make it to the door, but Ron moved slightly, blocking him.

"Was it Corey?" I asked the Golden, and they all nodded.

Corey made his move for the door, and I grabbed his wrist.

"Hey, careful," he protested. "I have a broken arm." He held up his cast.

I leaned over and whispered carefully in his ear. "You tried to molest my daughter on her first day of school. Of course, she is perfectly capable of dealing with that, and you, without any help from me. But if you squirm one more time, or say anything other than 'Yes, sir,' you're going to have two broken arms. And I making myself clear to you?"

"Yes, sir," he replied.

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