the church murder case (part seventeen)

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Jan glanced at our daughter. "There was another factor as well. It appeared that you'd been holding Ron here since the morning. I know Ron, and she would never have allowed herself to be restrained in that way, priest or no, unless there was a real, life-threatening danger to her or somebody she cared about."

Father Frank smiled at Ron. "So, you're no respecter of authority, young lady?"

"Don't call me that!" she snapped.

He laughed as Jan said, "I think one could go as far as to say that Ron doesn't care for any authority at all. Except for us, but she selected us."

Father Frank smiled. "Which would be one more thing for my bishop to disapprove of. And my brother."

Jan turned to Ron. "But you are going to come tomorrow afternoon and help them clean off the church, Ron."

"Yes," she said, looking none too happy (but, for her, not that unwilling either).

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