the vampire murder case (part thirty-six)

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This was something I had never really thought before, as Neil came in and was instructed to turn Mindy over to somebody named Angie who would take her to see Åsa.

The Jinx were, in many ways, like Gypsys, but one difference was that they were not all the children of previous generations of Jinx (at least as far as I knew). So, they must have come from somewhere, and at that moment I would have bet even money that Mindy was going to end up a member of the Jinx, sooner or later.

I wasn't sure how I felt about this, since she was fairly young and obviously confused and vulnerable, but fortunately (at least for me) our current situation of cooperation ruled out any response.

Dr. Lee smiled and said, "She will have a choice, of course, at every stage."

My employer frowned, and I knew she had no idea what this exchange had been about. As usual, she had been thinking along very different lines.

She would ask me about it later, when we were alone.

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