the u-town murder case (part eight)

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"One," she began, "how was she dressed?"

"She had on that ratty coat she always wears. I didn't notice anything else. Jeans and sneakers, I suppose."

"Did she have her own key to the apartment?"

He nodded. "She did."

"Did she say why she hadn't used it?"

He shrugged. "She didn't say, and I didn't get a chance to ask her. She just rushed into the bedroom."

"Did she look like she had been crying earlier?"

"No, just in a hurry, like she was late for an appointment."

"When she opened the bedroom door to go in, could you see if the light was on in there or not?"

He thought about this for a moment. "I couldn't tell," he said finally, gesturing at the apartment door, which was not visible around the corner. "When you're by the door, the front door, you can't see the bedroom door at all."

"And you don't know where she came from?"

"No idea."

"Is there someplace she might have been which would have annoyed Leo?"

He shrugged and hesitated, smiling slightly. "He doesn't like her brother," he said finally. "He's in a gang, her brother, and Leo thinks he's no good."

"How was her complexion when she came in? Was she pale, or flushed, or sickly, or normal?"

Freddy hesitated, clearly not expecting the question and not sure how to answer. "Kind of normal, I guess," he said finally. "Maybe a little flushed, but it was chilly outside that night, and she was breathing kind of hard, as if she'd been walking fast."

"You're an excellent witness," Jan Sleet said, then she leaned back and waited for him to realize that this had been eight questions.

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