the school murder case (part twenty-seven)

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"My assumption from the beginning was that Roger was responsible," she began, "but I couldn't figure out why. Of course, I still don't know why for sure, but his attempt at flight convinces me that I was probably–"

"I'm confused," Amy said. "Was the soda poisoned or not?"

"That's a good question. Yes, it was, and it was a sincere attempt to poison Pete. It failed, as we discussed, and Roger would almost certainly have tried again with the coffee if he'd been alone in the kitchen when it was being served. But we each came in and poured our own, so there was no opportunity."

"But why? What did he have against me?" Pete asked. "And how did he think he'd get away with it?"

"That was where I was stumped for a while, I admit. I was trying to think what the connection was. An attempt on Pete's life, and a later attempt on Roger's life. What was the link? There was no indication that they knew each other, apparently no common...

"Then I saw it. Both scenarios, Pete's death and Roger's death, would have had the same final result. Roger would have died."

Ms. Tumolo shook her head. "No it wouldn't. U-town has no death penalty..." Her voice trailed off as she got it.

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