the hospital murder case (part two)

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A few moments later, we both heard an unexpected sound. It was a deep roar of motors, and also an eerie, howling wail, both growing quickly louder. I knew what those sounds meant, and from her expression, so did she. Then we heard the bell on the front counter ring three times in rapid succession.

I grabbed my coffee and we hurried back to the waiting room, just in time to see the street doors fly open and a half dozen motorcycle gang members come in, along with a blast of cold air.

There were quite a few gangs in U-town, but I knew these were Jinx, though I had never met any of them before. The howl that always accompanied their motorcycles would have been enough to let me know, but also no other gang entered a room the way they did: calm, fast, stone-faced, and with military precision.

I glanced at the counter, to see who had rung the bell, and it was a young aide named Lucy. She shrugged nervously, as if I was going to chide her for bothering us. I smiled, hoping to convey that this was not something she was expected to be able to handle alone.

Around a half dozen Jinx had come in, male and female, and the last two were holding the doors open for a man I had met before. He was tall and blonde, probably in his late thirties or forties, and his name was Neil. He was carrying another man, with long curly hair. The second man seemed to be unconscious, and he was not small, but Neil carried him without apparent effort.

Mona turned to Lucy and jerked her head toward the door to the emergency room. Lucy scampered off through the door, and I saw that Neil noted this exchange. His eyes flashed to two of the others as he approached us, and I could see them become tense and poised to move.

"There'll be a gurney here in a moment," I said quickly, trying to let him know that Lucy had gone to summon help for him, not for us.

He looked at me and nodded. He and I had met a couple of times, and I was hoping that I had impressed him as honest and reasonable.

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