the college murder case (part twenty)

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By drawing out the questions that the police had asked Ron, my employer made the following surmises:

  1. Doug had gone into a room, an empty classroom, a bit after the beginning of the speech, for no apparent reason.
  2. He had been seen by a security guard who was stationed in that corridor. The guard swore nobody had entered the room after him.
  3. The guard's evidence was corroborated by a student (a resident assistant) who was playing chess with him at the time.
  4. After a while, they had wondered what this strange kid was doing in the empty room, so they went to investigate.
  5. They found Doug dead, with several stab wounds, and one of the tall, narrow windows was open.
  6. So, Ron was the prime suspect because:

    1. she was from U-town, and couldn't prove she didn't know Doug,

    2. she could have fit through the very narrow window,

    3. she had no alibi, and

    4. nobody else had entered the room, and even if somebody had been in the room already, waiting for Doug, how had they escaped?

This clarified why Ron hadn't been arrested, since it wasn't that much of a case, and it also clarified why she had been placed in the room with us. The two cops were listening to every word, and I wouldn't have been surprised if we were being recorded as well.

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