the school murder case (part twenty-four)

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My employer stepped out of the kitchen and motioned me over. She wasn't in a mood to preen, but she couldn't completely suppress her excitement as I approached and she said quietly, "Gather the suspects."

Of course, the suspects were all gathered already, but I knew how much she enjoyed saying that.

As she limped back across the room, she said, "Marshall, I may need your help."

I knew what that meant. "One of the students put a sign on the door," I said, following her. "We won't be disturbed."

She nodded as I stood beside her and helped her to sit down again.

"Are we going to get to watch you try to solve the case?" David asked.

She smiled and lit a cigarette. "No, I've already solved it. You're going to get to listen to me explain how."

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