throwing stones — intro for readers

The first chapter of Throwing Stones is ready.

As I've said, this novel follows A Sane Woman and U-town, and it picks up a lot of characters and plots from those books. The challenge is to make this book clear to people who haven't read the others, and without inserting infodumps all over the place (and without a big "what happened before" recap at the beginning).

So, that's the Scylla and Charybdis that I'm attempting to navigate between here.

The first draft of Throwing Stones had an omniscient third-person narrator, and it moved around a lot from character to character. I'm starting this one in third person but focused on one character (I think Tiyana said there was a name for that kind of third person). I'm going to see if this works, but I'm expecting that I may have to switch back and forth, maybe alternating chapters. But I'm going to see where this goes and if it can work this way.

Of course, it may end up loosely following the same plot as the first draft, or it may diverge, though I think the main plot points will remain the same.

Chapter One starts here:

If you prefer to print it out to read it, then go here:

Please let me know what you think. I'll let you know when Chapter Two is ready. I'm not worrying about chapter titles right now, but I'll probably add them at some point.

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