the sister mystery (part thirty)

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Stu sat up straighter. "Well, after that, I think we need some sustenance. I'll order sandwiches." He called the deli downstairs. He was such a regular customer that all he had to do was identify himself and tell them how many people were there.

I heard a noise from the outer office, and Christy and I got up to investigate. We found Bea back at her desk, with Ron sitting opposite her. Ron was stuffing something into her battered Red Cross bag. I didn't comment, since it was obviously something she didn't want us to see.

"We were a bit concerned," I said, "but we thought you probably went to the library."

Bea shook her head. "To find out that address? Mr. O'Connor, on this side of the river we have a wonderful modern device called the telephone. It has many uses, including – but not limited to – finding out street addresses. You should try it some time." She turned to Ron. "Young lady, I believe you have homework to do?"

Ron was so nervous about whatever she was concealing in her bag that she didn't even protest being addressed as "young lady," a phrase which usually sent her into a fury. She reached into her bag, feeling her way past the mysterious object (which appeared to be a pink bag), and pulled out a notebook.

Bea indicated that we should all proceed into Stu's office. She closed the door behind us, leaving Ron in the outer office.

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