the sister mystery (part nine)

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Ron sighed, then she said, "They... they knew each other in high school. They started dating... I just know this because of what they used to say about it. I wasn't there."

I nodded. "I understand."

"So, they started..."

"Fooling around," I guessed.

"Yeah. And she got pregnant." She sighed. "They used to fight about this a lot, but... He said she lied to him to get him to marry her. She said she..."


"Yeah, and didn't have the baby. But anyway, they got married, and then, later, she got pregnant again and had the baby. That was my sister." She gestured at the ceiling. "The one..."

"I understand. What was her name?"

"Tracy. Then, later, my mother..."

"Your birth mother."

"She ran off with another guy."

"She left town?"

"No, she... he lived around the corner. So, my... birth father, he was left with Tracy. And no money, I think."

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