the sister mystery (part four)

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At the hotel, we followed Ron to the elevator (which was working that week) and we ascended to the top floor.

The fifth floor of the hotel was generally known to be the wildest, but I hoped this didn't extend to the room where Ron lived. I had a pretty good idea that, no matter what happened on the rest of the floor, Ron's room followed Ron's rules.

She opened a door at the far end of the hall and we stepped inside. I started to take in two single beds, a cot, a sleeping bag, and a teenage girl with a suitcase. She was standing up as we came in, smiling and then not smiling as she realized we weren't who she was expecting.

Then Ron came in behind us. The girl smiled, and Ron emitted a sound I had never heard before and attacked her.

I was caught flat-footed, I admit, and Ron got in several good punches before I moved to stop her. The girl had fallen back on the cot, which had collapsed, and she was trying to protect herself from this onslaught. She was older and bigger than Ron, but she wasn't even trying to fight back. This was not a stereotypical "girl fight," with kicking and biting and hair-pulling. Ron was punching like a pro as I pulled her off, then she suddenly yanked herself free and broke for the door.

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