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When starling came out of the bathroom, she went to the stove and regarded it. Her arms were folded, her hip cocked, her hair just covering the nape of her neck.

Daphne raised her head and barked, interrupting Pete's appreciation of his lover's naked form. When starling didn't react, Daphne got up on all fours and padded over toward the stove.

Pete was suddenly aware that Daphne was naked except for a rather sheer black garment that looked like half a T-shirt and served no purpose that he could imagine. And her collar, of course.

She padded across the room and pressed her forehead against starling's hip.

starling reached down and rubbed Daphne's head. "You want some coffee, girl?" she asked. "I was just thinking about making some."

Daphne set her feet and pressed harder.

starling looked down. "What is it, Daph?"

Daphne pressed harder.

"She wants you to come back to bed," Pete explained.

Daphne barked and followed starling back to bed. This time Daphne managed to end up in the middle.

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