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When Pete woke up again, he smelled coffee, and something was frying. It was unusual, but not unheard of, for starling to be cooking, but he realized she was still in bed with him. He was pressed against her back, spoon-fashion, with his arm around her middle.

He rolled onto his back and fumbled around on the floor for his glasses until he realized he was wearing them. He looked toward the kitchen, where Daphne was standing at the stove (on her hind legs, as he always thought of it).

She heard him move and barked a greeting over her shoulder. She was still nearly naked, wearing the wisp of black lace and the frilly apron that she always wore when she worked in the kitchen. Aware, perhaps, of his gaze resting for a moment on her bare posterior, she gave a little wiggle as if wagging a tail and barked again.

Pete sighed and lay back, scratching his stomach. It was no wonder people thought there was some kinky three-way sex scene going on in his apartment, but it never had and it never would. starling was straight and quite traditionally monogamous, and Daphne was their dog. Who had a very active sex life, mostly with men but very occasionally with women. And certainly never with Pete.

If Pete had never met starling, would he have made a move on Daphne? She was attractive, but by not being her lover he had ended up in quite a solid relationship with her, and he'd noticed that her lovers never lasted very long.

Of course, it was no surprise people jumped to a wrong conclusion about the three of them. U-town was very accepting towards three-way relationships and even three-person marriages, so it was not an outlandish thought.

There was a knock on the door. "If that's your friend, are you going to give him his clothes back?" Pete asked Daphne.

Her bark was, in his interpretation, emphatically negative.

He got up and went to the door as starling rolled over and picking up her revolver. She always did this when anybody came to the door, just in case, and Pete was used to it.

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