the other vampire murder case (part sixteen)

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Jan looked around. "Does anybody have any reason to disbelieve her? Any reason to think that this was not an accident?"

After a moment, Doc said, "Obviously, Vicki, you didn't set out to kill anybody, but I think we do need to be clear about the implications of this. You did mess up, and not only when Ryan died.

"Of course, who you sleep with is your own business, but Pat is our aide and our friend, so it affects all of us. And how did you explain your absences to her? Special meetings, that sort of thing, I would guess. On other words, you used your position for your own benefit. Like a politician. And that is not acceptable."

Vicki nodded. "I know. And I'm sorry." She sighed. "I suppose you want me to tell Pat."

Ray shook his head. "No, of course not." I could tell that this surprised most of those present. "Purge your soul, so you'll feel better? You'll feel better, if you tell her, and she'll feel worse. How is that fair, when you're the one who messed up?"

Vicki frowned, thinking about this, then she turned to Jan. "Would you want to know, if Marshall fooled around?"

"I trust my husband, and I trust his judgment. And I think Ray is right."

I felt like observing that, as Jan Sleet's husband, I had no possibility of getting away with infidelity, but I kept that thought to myself, since I had something much more important to say.

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