the other vampire murder case (part eleven)

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As the audience filed out, Jan motioned and we joined her in the wings.

"This is only half the story," she said quietly, "There's another whole case going on, and we need to go and settle that as well."

"Are you going to tell us about it?" Jack asked.

She smiled. "More than that. You need to come with me."

Doc looked surprised. "Who does? Jack?"

"All of us need to go," my employer said.

"Why?" Doc demanded.

"This vampire thing is very important. It has a lot of implications."

Jack laughed. "But you just said there are no vampires," he said gesturing toward the stage.

"True, but that's not the whole story. The rest is for us to know, not for publication. But we all need to be there."

She glanced at me and I took out my notebook. "All through this," she continued as I wrote Claudia's address on a page, "I've been aware that the Jinx might have had someone following me. I haven't seen any evidence of it, and even if they had been following me, it seems unlikely it would still be going on, since their case is solved, but we can't take a chance. So, we should split up and travel in pairs. We're much too conspicuous if we all travel together."

I wrote the address on a second piece of paper as she said, "Marshall and I will go together, Ray and Jack can pair up, and Doc and Vicki. Try to make sure you're not followed." I handed one paper to Ray, the other to Doc.

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