the golden mystery (part twenty)

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One of the Golden came in and sat down. "Will and Sharon are preparing dinner, but we thought one of us should be social."

My employer smiled. "That's very nice, Craig. Thank you very much for inviting us."

"We knew Mr. Bostwick would enjoy it."

"How long have you lived here with Mr. Bostwick?"

"Nearly a year. We met him at the hospital. We used to help out there, and they would usually give us food and a bed, if we helped all day."

Mr. Bostwick made a face. "That was when the hospital refused to release me unless I had somebody to go home with me. How was I going to do that; there's no phones. Even if I had somebody I could call."

Craig smiled, briefly and tentatively. "We offered to help him get home. On the way, we stopped and bought some things he needed."

"And by the time we got here, they proposed that they would move in. They had it all figured out. It looked like a good idea, so I accepted."

"He insisted we had to go to school," Craig added. "We didn't want to, at first, but we've been learning a lot." He smiled again. "Similar to Hazel, who is learning a lot as well, despite her initial reluctance."

"That's our daughter," Jan explained, and Mr. Bostwick laughed.

"Oh, I've heard all about her."

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