the golden mystery (part twelve)

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"So," I said, "to go down the list, the Golden, one or all, could easily have done it. Corey could have done it, if he had managed to get past this door, in both directions."

Dan turned to Corey. "Were you looking out the door of the room you were in? Would you have seen anybody who walked past?"

"No, I was reading."

"So, Phoebe could have done it, if she could have got past this door," I said. "The same for Dan."

"Why would Dan have done it?" Audrey demanded. "Besides, if Corey wasn't watching, anybody else in the school could have come by."

Phoebe raised her hand, as if she was in class.

"Yes, Phoebe?" Dan asked.

She stood up, looking uncomfortable.

"Principal Dan, can I talk to you? In private?"

He glanced at me, and I tilted my head toward the rear of the room.

"Marshall will have to join us," he said.

She nodded, and the three of us went to the back of the room. Ms. Tumolo moved to the front to get away from us. Dan and I sat down, so we wouldn't loom over Phoebe, who was not tall.

"I was late," she whispered to Dan. "I saw you leaving, but I didn't know you were looking for me, so I didn't say anything. I looked in the room..."

"And you preferred to wait outside," I said. "In the hall."

She nodded. "I waited around the corner, by the drinking fountain, until Audrey came."

"Did anybody else come down this hall?"

She shook her head. "No."

"Did anybody else leave this hall?"


I looked at Dan. He nodded. He understood why Phoebe hadn't wanted to be alone in the room with Corey.

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