the family murder case (part thirty-two)

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Christy sat down, a big grin on her face, and said, "So, we're going to stay here all day? What about this mansion you promised me? I thought I'd be lounging next to the pool by now."

"In this weather?" my employer asked.

"I've been meaning to speak to you about that, too."

We all laughed, and the Jan said, "Well, the short story is that the case is solved. The murderer was Claudia's nephew. Claudia and Erika have gone to see Claudia's mother to figure out how to handle his situation. And his condition, since he is not well. Then they will come back and tell us what has been decided."

The waiter came over and deftly removed the stack of menus which had been on the end of the table, replacing them with a different stack of menus.

"We will probably be ordering soon," my employer said.

He nodded and withdrew.

"So, the case is solved? We're just waiting and going home?" Christy asked.

My employer smiled and lit a cigarette. "Afraid so. No lounging by the pool."

"Oh, drat. And I brought my bikini, too."

So, we gave her the more detailed description of what had happened, and in the middle of that we ordered dinner. It turned out that the substitution of menus had been in order to remove the one with the prices, apparently because Claudia and Erika were gone. So, we ordered in blissful ignorance of what all of this was going to cost the Forrester family.

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