the family murder case (part eleven)

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The next morning, I looked out the window as the train sped along. It was a rather dreary, overcast day, and I wasn't paying much attention to the scenery.

I have spared you a detailed report of the events of the evening before, when we had met with Jason Garland at his house. It had been a busy night, but here was the situation:

We were taking the train to the town where Claudia's family lived. Jason had referred to their house as a "mansion," but we didn't know how accurate that was. Claudia and Erika were eager for our help, and it sounded as if they had convinced the family to put us up.

It turned out that the victim hadn't been Claudia's nephew at all. Apparently he had invited several friends to visit his family for spring break, and one of them had been the victim.

Christy had agreed to be our security again, as she had been during the college case, but she was traveling there on her motorcycle. My employer had thought it was important to have her able to be mobile if needed. Christy had been very agreeable about coming with us; apparently she had found it enjoyable to work with us in the past.

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