carly part seven: micki

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The next day was Saturday, and Susan decided she wasn't going to listen to the news, or watch the television, or read a newspaper. When Mike Sheldon had learned that his daughter escaped from the van because they men hadn't restrained her, he'd ordered the men be fired. This led, in turn, to loud complaints and threats of a lawsuit from the police union. Mike had threatened to go public with the fact that the two officers had been outwitted by a teenage girl. Then the union had threatened to go public with the identity of that teenage girl.

Susan really didn't want to find out what had happened while she was asleep. She had intended to sleep late, but she'd awakened at her usual time and had not been able to get back to sleep.

At ten minutes before seven, she was sitting at her kitchen table, watching the water boil, trying to get up the energy to make coffee. The lobby buzzer went off, and she got to her feet, went over and pressed the button. "Yes?" she asked.

"Miss, there's a Miss Stein down here to see you."

Susan's immediate urge was to yell, "NO!" and go back to bed, but she dutifully said, "Send her up, please." So, for the next four minutes, she wondered who was coming up in the elevator. Was it the real Carly Stein, or was it Micki Sheldon?

By the time the doorbell rang, she'd decided it had to be Micki Sheldon, and she was right.

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