carly part six: susan

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Benjamin Stein stood up, his face expressing relief and tolerant forgiveness, but then he froze. Mike Sheldon's eyes widened and he half stood behind his desk. Ben Stein turned, his face growing red and then purple. "That's not my girl, you stupid shit!! That's your daughter, the slut!"

Mike Sheldon sat down in his chair again, his face blank. He spread his hands and placed all ten fingers lightly on his desk blotter. Meanwhile, Ben Stein was pulling on his coat.

"I knew you'd blow this," he snapped. "Well, I've already started to deal with it myself–"

"Gregory Hobbs," Micki Sheldon said quietly. She straightened up slowly as he paused. The two police officers released her, unsure what they were supposed to be doing, but certain that it probably didn't involve holding the mayor's daughter.

"He works for you," she said, pulling a laminated card from her jacket pocket. "I have his company I.D. here, as a matter of fact. He murdered a young man last night, in an alley down on Mendoza between Sixth and Seventh. The body is still there–"

Ben Stein finished putting on his coat and left without a word, nearly knocking down Dennis Moran, who seemed to be having some trouble absorbing what was going on.

Micki Sheldon turned slowly to face her father. She began to speak, but he cut her off. He looked at Dennis. "What was she picked up for?" he asked in a soft voice.

"Who?" Dennis asked.

Mike Sheldon just looked at him, not saying a word. "Oh, uh," he said, gesturing at Micki. "Curfew violation."

"That's three days in holding, I believe. Take her away."

"But, chief–Carly Stein–don't you want to ask her–" Dennis began.

"There's a dead man, named Danny–" Micki began urgently, but her father just looked at his desk blotter, his fingers tensing.

"Now," he said quietly.

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