carly part five: young fifteen

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A cold wind blew down the deserted street and chilled Carly's face and hands, and she felt snow start to hit her face. Suddenly aware that they were on the street and it was well into curfew, she motioned at the alley where she'd found Danny's body. "Let's dump him in there," she said. They dragged him down the block, and Carly suddenly wondered if he was ever going to wake up. He didn't seem to be showing any signs of life.

She was also aware that they were leaving a big trail behind them in the snow, but it was too late to do anything about that.

As they reached the alley, Carly was relieved to see that snow had completely covered Danny's body, but she still avoided looking in that direction. They dropped the tall man's body at the rear of the alley and she asked, "Is he dead?" She was surprised at how calm her voice sounded.

Fifteen shook his head. "Oh, no. He'll be out for a while, though. And I guess he's going to have a few bruises when he wakes up. We banged him around quite a bit."

Carly smiled. "Let's take him back and see if we can bang him around some more."

Fifteen pointed at the mound of snow Carly was trying not to look at. "That's your boyfriend, huh?" he asked quietly.

Carly was about to say "ex-boyfriend", but that seemed a pretty silly distinction at this point. She just nodded, looking at the hidden body for the first time. "That's him."

"And you figure this guy killed him?"

Now that she had allowed herself to look at Danny, Carly found it difficult to look away. "It seemed like a possibility. And the way he interrupted me right when he did makes it look like I'm right." She squatted by the tall man and went through his pockets, coming out with his wallet. "I figure he was sent by my father–"

"Hands up, fingers outstretched, and turn slowly toward us! No sudden moves!"

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