the vampire murder case (part two)

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As we ate, I gradually became aware that somebody behind me, in the next booth, was saying, "–it sounds crazy, I know, but I've heard him in her room. You can hear them going at it, at night. But there's no way he could get into the building, other than through her window."

The man's companion said, "How do you get from there to 'vampire,' though?"

There was a pause, during which I caught my employer's eye and she shrugged, smiling impishly.

"He always comes at night." the man continued. "And one time, I was looking out my window at the moon, and I swear something black flew out of her window and across the face of the moon."

My employer looked a bit more dubious at this as she put her napkin down on her plate and lit a cigarette.

As we continued to the hotel, she said, "It is always important to keep an open mind."

"Do you believe in vampires?"

She laughed. "On the basis of that evidence? No, not even if I'd seen what he said he saw."

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