the vampire murder case (part twelve)

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When the door was closed, Dr. Lee said, "I want her to be able to get medical help if she needs it, something Christy couldn't really provide anyway. On the other hand, I don't want somebody to stay in the room with her, because I'm curious to see what she will do. We know she went out last night, and either she doesn't remember or she refuses to tell us. If she goes out again, I want to know where she goes."

Jan nodded, lighting another cigarette. "I agree. We need to watch and see what she does tonight. Will she go out? Will she visit Lloyd again? If so, will she climb up the outside of the building naked? Can you have a couple of people work with Marshall on this?"

"Aren't you going to be here?"

She smiled. "I let Marshall do the more energetic parts of the investigations. He'll report everything I need to know."

Dr. Lee turned toward the door and called, "Neil." The door opened, and I wondered how many other people were waiting around out there in case she needed them. "Is Rex here?" she asked him.


"Get him, and Christy."

He nodded and left.

"The infirmary has two exits," she continued to us. "A door and a window. We'll keep both under observation, without letting her know she's being watched. There's a rec room across the hall from the infirmary door. Rex often plays cards in there during the evening, and Neil sometimes sits in as well. It won't arouse suspicion for them to spend the evening there, and they can keep an eye on the infirmary."

Jan nodded. "That sounds good. I noticed a building across the street that seems to be empty. Marshall could operate from there, watching the window."

"And Christy can work with him." She turned to me. "Lloyd's window is on the same side of the building, Christy will know which one, so you can see if Åsa does any nocturnal climbing."

"What if she takes a motorcycle somewhere?" I asked. "Then we won't be able to follow her unless Christy has a motorcycle as well, and then she'd see us."

Dr. Lee shook her head. "All the bikes are accounted for, always. If she's going out and she wants to keep it a secret from me, she'll walk."

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