the vampire murder case (part thirty-nine)

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"So, are we suspects?" Fifteen asked as we sat down. "Have you decided I'm a vampire?"

Jan laughed as the waiter hovered with the wine list. "No," she said, "neither of you is under any suspicion of anything. Well, except perhaps the improper use of a Parcheesi board." We all laughed as she waved a hand, dismissing the waiter.

We were back at the Indian restaurant where we had heard about vampires before. Jan had quizzed our guests very carefully about their preferences, and it had appeared that Indian food was fine with everyone.

"I don't mind if you all drink," Christy said quietly.

Jan shook her head. "Thank you, but I'm not much of a drinker. And, while I anticipate this being a very pleasant evening, I am actually working. To be frank, I need to know more than I know how, and you two are the only people involved in this case who I'm sure aren't guilty of anything. So, I want to quiz you, for hours and hours, about various subjects, and see what I can come up with."

The waiter brought us menus, and Jan said, "For example, Christy, I imagine it was pretty big news among the Jinx when I solved the murder of Felix."

Christy nodded. "We talked about it a lot. We were all glad you figured it out, though some people felt he kind of deserved it. Well, not to be killed, but it was pretty messed up how he treated Dorothy, and the girl who killed him."

"What did people think of my work on the case? I don't ask out of ego..." She caught my expression. "Well, ego may be a factor, but I do have another reason for asking."

"Some people were impressed. Dorothy definitely was."

"What about Neil?"

She chuckled. "I have no idea."

"What about Åsa, or Lloyd, or Spence?"

"I never heard Åsa talk about it at all. Or Spence, as far as I can remember." She smiled. "Lloyd thought you were overrated, that you'd got lucky."

Jan smiled and opened her menu. "We should probably order."

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