the vampire murder case (part thirty-four)

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Dr. Lee put the poster down again. "Spence came back a few minutes before you did. Would you like to talk to him now?"

Jan nodded. "Very much so."

Dr. Lee turned to Christy. "Can you go get him? He was ravenous when he got it, so he'll probably be in the cafeteria."

Christy nodded and left.

"I don't wish to pry," my employer said after a moment (meaning that she very much wanted to pry, but knew in advance that it would be futile), "but are you satisfied that Spence has actually been away?"

Dr. Lee looked somewhat surprised. "Yes, completely satisfied, because he did what he was sent to do, which couldn't have been accomplished any other way."

The door opened a minute later, and I wondered if Spence had been able to finish his meal before being summoned to see us.

He certainly looked as if he'd just returned from a journey. He was unshaven and somewhat grimy, his dark hair disarrayed. For all that, he was fairly handsome, and quite tall.

He paused as he reached us, and Dr. Lee said, "Please sit down." He did, and she continued, "This is Jan Sleet and her assistant Marshall. She is helping us to figure out what's been happening with Åsa."

"Have you seen her, since your return?" my employer asked him, lighting a cigarette.

He shook his head. "Neil met me when I returned, and he told me that she's worse, and that nobody knows what it is. I was going to stop in at the infirmary, but he said she was asleep."

There was a knock at the door, and Neil stepped in. To my surprise, he was followed by the girl from Ashford's house.

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