the vampire murder case (part thirty-eight)

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Neil came over to our table and said, "You should be aware that there are a few reporters outside, being insistent. They want to see Miss Sleet. About vampires."

Dr. Lee nodded and turned to us. "I can send some people with you, to clear them away and then to escort you home."

Jan smiled. "I'm sure you have other ways of getting out of this building besides the front door."

Dr. Lee smiled after a moment. "Of course," she said quietly. "Are you leaving now, or is there more you want to do here?"

Jan finished the bite she was chewing and swallowed. Her interrogation of Spence had meant that she still had food on her plate though the rest of us were done. And she knew I would have something to say if she didn't finish her meal.

"I'd like to talk to Christy for a moment," she said.

"She's over there," I said, pointing. I had spotted her distinctive red hair when we'd come in.

My employer considered making a sarcastic comment about my ability to locate Christy even in a crowded room, but she postponed it.

Seeing that Dr. Lee was about to summon Christy to us, Jan grabbed her cane and levered herself to her feet.

"We'll go over," she said. "It's no problem." She glanced at me. "And then I'll finish my lunch and we can go."

Christy smiled as we approached and indicated that we should join her. Jan sat, and then said, "Christy, can we have dinner with you and Fifteen tonight?"

She smiled. "I'd be glad to, but I don't know his schedule. He has a lot of responsibilities–"

"–which I can make go away with a wave of my hand."

Christy laughed. "I guess you can. That would be wonderful."

Jan got to her feet again. "I'm sure Marshall and I have meetings we should be attending this afternoon, so let's meet at the hotel around dinner time, and then we can go someplace nice from there."

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