the vampire murder case (part nine)

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In Dr. Lee's office, we resumed our seats.

"I have heard rumors of vampires," my employer said, lighting a cigarette.

Dr. Lee nodded. "So have I, for a couple of weeks now. I don't believe in that sort of thing, and I'm sure you don't either. However, I have had some experience with what can happen when you live in a community and that community turns against you because of rumors and hysteria."

"You see the potential for panic, apparently," my employer said. Dr. Lee nodded. "So do I. Most people are too savvy to fall for this, but a vocal minority can create all kinds of problems, for all of us. And, most importantly, if it becomes known that there are some sort of attacks going on, it doesn't require belief in the supernatural to become alarmed. And I am not, by the way, ruling out the possibility of–"

There was a knock at the door, and Dr. Lee called, "Come in, Christy." Christy came in and Dr. Lee gestured at the empty chair. "Please sit down."

Christy sat, smoothing her skirt, and my employer said, "I want to ask you a few questions. We're trying to figure out what's happening with Åsa, so we can try to help her. She hasn't confided anything to you, has she?"

Christy shook her head. "She doesn't talk about it. If you ask about why she's losing weight or anything like that, she just says she's fine."

Jan nodded. "She said that to us, too. I wasn't convinced. Have you noticed any other changes recently, aside from her weight?"

"It's obvious that she hasn't been feeling well. She's always kind of pale, and she gets tired a lot. I don't think she's been eating much."

"Who are her friends? Is she in a relationship?"

"There was a guy, Lloyd. He liked her, but I don't think it turned into anything. She's pretty serious, kind of a romantic, and he's a joker. Not her type, I wouldn't think."

Jan turned to Dr. Lee. "Can we speak to Lloyd?"

Dr. Lee turned to Christy. "He'll be outside. Please send him in." She turned to Jan. "Will you want to speak to Christy any more?"

"Not right now. I'm trying to get a general picture, an overview, then I'll figure out where I need to look in more depth."

Dr. Lee turned back to Christy, who was waiting by the door. "Send Lloyd in, then you can leave."

Christy nodded and stepped out into the hall.

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