the vampire murder case (part forty-three)

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The next morning, I asked where we were off to, and she told me that we were waiting. That could have meant we were waiting for something specific, or it could have meant she had no idea what to do next. I didn't ask which it was.

In any case, we ended up in a meeting about sanitation, and I was idly wondering about the possibility and the advisability of getting a second cup of coffee when the door opened and Neil came in, followed by Christy and another Jinx who I didn't know.

"I'm sorry to interrupt," he said, "but we need your help. Spence has been murdered, and Lloyd has vanished–"

The door crashed open again and a very small teenage girl burst in, bellowing, "MAIL! HIGH PRIORITY! IMMEDIATE DELIVERY!" as she strode around the table, pushing Neil aside. Christy, who was more accustomed to our ways, had stepped back as soon as the door had opened.

Ron (for that was the girl's name) placed the large envelope in front of my employer, then turned to leave, only pausing on her way out to try to stomp on Fifteen's toes.

The door slammed behind her, and Neil asked, "What the hell was that?"

Jan smiled as she opened the envelope, using the stem of her pipe as a letter-opener. "Oh, that's Ron," she said, peering at him over her glasses. "She delivers our mail."

"Next time we negotiate with the Scorpions, I'm bringing her." He shook his head. "Anyway–"

My employer held up a hand as she flipped quickly through the papers, which appears to be official documents (in fact, based on previous experience, I had a pretty good idea what they were). "I realize the situation," she said slowly, her eyes on the papers, "but this information may provide the answers. However, I must read and then think a bit, or I might make a mistake." She looked up. "Can you do something for me?" She was trying to seem calm, but I could tell she was excited.

Neil nodded. "Of course."

"Please go back and make sure nothing is touched or moved. Then send a vehicle back, a car or something–"

"We have a van."

"That would be fine. Then I'll come and investigate, and maybe we can settle some of this today."

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