the vampire murder case (part forty-eight)

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"So, that's my premise. The vampire rumors were already going around, probably started or abetted by Ashford and his minions. Åsa saw a chance to create a big smoke screen behind which she could get free."

She turned to Åsa, who had given up on testing her bonds and sat glaring. "I'm sure you're wishing you could ask me where my evidence is." She smiled sadly. "I said I did two things the night before last, with Dr. Lee's cooperation. One was getting the fingerprints. The other was suggested by something Neil said after Felix was killed. When we found Felix's body, Neil wanted to seal all the exits of the hospital, but I pointed out how useless that would have been, a half hour or more after the murder. But this case was different, and the person behind it, when exposed, might well try to run rather than face the vengeance of the Jinx.

"It is an interesting thing about u-town. Unless you have a boat, there are only two ways in or out of U-town. There's the Arklay Bridge, which most people call the city bridge, and there's the Ravens Gate Bridge, which most people call the highway bridge. Both of then have been being watched for the last forty-eight hours, by members of the Jinx." She shook her head. "You're hoping that I'm bluffing, I know. I do bluff, sometimes, but I know when it won't work."

She nodded at Dr. Lee, who snapped her fingers with a surprisingly loud crack, and the door opened.

The Jinx who came in was the largest woman I have ever seen. She was tall and wide and muscular, with long red hair, and she was escorting Lloyd, who was looking at everything and everyone in the room except for Åsa.

"I offered Lloyd complete clemency if he told us the whole story," Dr. Lee said quietly, "and he accepted my offer."

Åsa freaked out at that point, thrashing around and trying to get free, but the bandannas held. Dr. Lee regarded her, frothing and struggling, and calmly said, "Take her away."

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