the vampire murder case (part fifty-one)

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Jan looked around suddenly. "What time is it?" She loved to ask what time it was, though she always carried a pocketwatch.

"Nearly seven," I said.

She stood up. "We need to get over to that meeting and settle this vampire business."

"We'll come," Dr. Lee said. "Neil, have the van brought around." He left and she addressed my employer again. "I assume you'd prefer to travel in the van, rather than on a motorcycle."

Jan smiled. "Thank you. With my leg, a motorcycle would be a bit challenging."

Jan, Fifteen, and I entered the auditorium through the side door, and headed for the wings. As we reached the side of the stage, we heard a murmur from the crowd. Jan was consulting with Doc, so I looked out to see Dr. Lee, Neil, Christy, Rex, Nikolai, and two other Jinx I didn't know enter the auditorium and make their way down the aisle to the front row. Rex had driven the van, but the others had ridden on their motorcycles.

This was unprecedented. There had been a Jinx or two at some previous meetings, as there were at this one, but never as a group and never including Dr. Lee or Neil. As they reached the front row, by which time everybody in the crowd was aware of them, people moved so they could sit together.

My employer adjusted her tie. "How do I look?" she asked, peeking out at the crowd.

I leaned over to whisper, "You look beautiful."

This caught her off guard, and she was not able to completely conceal her look of pleasure.

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